Military classified videos – MARIO MARINES

Mario is a brand new recruit and previous boxer in school and for a short time in the Marine Corp. Currently I’ve brought him in front of the military classified videos to compromise his heterosexuality just a little and do one thing he’s never done until now. He’s young, smooth bodied, buff, and more than eager take on the world of cunt and whilst losing his virginity at  the age of 16 was a significant milestone, currently he’s losing his male virginity to a guy’s palm and that’s one tale he will not be telling his grandchildren! check it out at!

I had him relax and enjoy a good porn and even though in the beginning he was a little stressed out, it didn’t take him that long to sit back, relax and let me slowly rub his big cock. I could hear his breath getting stronger and i knew i had him. Soon after we forgot all about the porn on the tv, and then as you can see we started having our own porn. I would not have guessed it, but Mario was really enjoying the tight ass fuck i gave him, rubbing his balls all the time. This is a don’t miss at military classified porn if you want to get to see some very hot and sexy scenes with some horny and hot dudes today. So have fun as usual and see you next time!

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Maverick is the kind of old school here at military classified videos, but none the less he is really awesome at cock sucking and getting his tight ripped apart by some horny dude with a large dick. He is always well prepared, cause he just loves a good porn, where you can fuck one tight pussy. Well you guys wanted to see more of Maverick, so today he agreed to appear on film for you guys along with another good fuck buddy of his. And naturally you get to see these two guys fucking one another in the whole video that we have for you today. So let’s not delay and get this show started.

Maverick puts on his serious attitude once more for you guys, as you seemed to have loved that authoritarian look of his, and he knows about it. Well his friend knows exactly what he wants and needs, so he gets straight to work on his cock as he removes his pants. You get to see one horny stud  sucking another’s big cock and enjoying it quite a lot. Sit back and watch the guys taking the time to fuck one another in the ass for the day and enjoy this hard style gay fuck fest that unfolds for the whole afternoon. Have fun with it and as always see you next time with more! Until then, enter the FraternityX site and see some hot college gay guys having sex on the camera!

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Military Classified Jacob

Check out this hunk of military in this latest military classified Jacob. He is extremely hot and he couldn’t wait to get back in front of the camera and show us what he can do with that large dick of his. Or how well he can take a long and hard fuck deep in his tight ass. As you can probably tell, we have another sexy and fresh little solo scene for you guys to see and we think that this will be just for your tastes today. We have Jacob here and he’s a nice and sexy stud with quite some naughty little passions. Like many others he finds himself solo every now and then.

And it’s what he likes to do when he’s all alone that might interest you guys. He just loves to play around with his dick and jerk off in private. But for today he decided to make an exception and let you guys see how he likes to play with his huge cock. Sit back and enjoy seeing him showing off his sexy muscled body to you guys today. He takes his spot on the couch, and lays on his back as he removes more and more of his clothes to let you see some very nice and sexy poses that he does all nude. And then you can see him jerk off on that nice and big cock of his just for your enjoyment. For similar material, check out the site and see some big cocked t girls jerking off!


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Rob Navarro military classified

When you in the military, all the porn you get is from a tape or a tv. But in this latest Rob Navarro military classified, these hot soldiers proved us wrong. These guys were alone in their bunk, so they  took advantage and did not waste any time, and started sucking on one another long and hard, until they could feel one another’s jiiz all over their faces, just the way we like it here at But because time was one their sides, they also took turns fucking one another, ripping their asses apart, cramming their big hard dicks as deep as possible, not carrying about anything, just the orgasms they were about to have.

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Well one thing is that Rob Navarro is a military medic, and today he gets to check up on one of his male soldier’s cocks. And by checking up we mean of course that he sucked and deep throated it. The guy just adored having the doc treat his nice and big cock so good so he left him do his thing. Our doc then takes his spot on top of his cock and checks it out some more with his nice and tight ass as well. So watch Rob getting a nice anal fuck, and by the end see this soldier stud blowing his load all over his naughty ass. We hope that you loved the scene this week and we’ll see you next week! Until then, enter the site and watch some gorgeous fraternity gay men sucking cocks and riding big fat dicks!

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Threeway military action

What do you do when you are on military leave and you are horny as hell? You get your boys and make the latest military classified videos, where nothing is forbidden, and you have deep cock sucking, hard ass fucking and nasty three some, where all your halls get ripped apart. Well this sexy military drilling session sure took a nice turn today. The two guys here were surely going to teach this fresh recruit a thing or two about how the chain of command works. So let’s see them put this fresh stud through all of the paces required of him to become one good soldier shall we?

As the scene starts, the two hot buddies are enjoying a cold beer and the game, and this guy is just in time. Their cocks were in need of attention, and since they were superior officers, he had to tend to their every need this fine day. Watch closely and see this fresh guy working on both of those big cocks to get them hard and ready for his tight ass. And when the meat poles were all ready, the stud presented his ass to the other two guys to fuck. Sit back and watch him take one nice and hard anal fuck as his buddies continue watching the game while fucking him. Have fun guys.


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MilitaryClassified CODY – MARINES

Cody has been on military deployment for a couple of months and called me when he returned to California wanting to earn some money. I instantly jumped at the opportunity to get him back in my galleries at, to do what he really does best…. Bang! This lean firm Marine was looking wonderful and prepared for me to simply strike and devour! He was more than eager to take off his cloths and have the fuck of his life since his last fuck. Check him out at military classified videos as he  bends over and before he knows it, he gets that tight ass of his ripped apart by one hungry looking dude.


As another fresh week started we thought that this guy would serve just nicely for you guys to see and enjoy. The sexy stud Cody is here to show off how he likes to play with himself when he’s on leave and all alone in the barracks. So watch him closely and see this guy removing his pants to show you his mighty cock today. Then you get to watch him lay on his back as he starts to stroke that nice and big shaft of his. Enjoy his self pleasing session as he masturbates today and then watch him blow his load all over himself and the white sheets as well. Let’s hope to have him here again soon! If you liked this guy check out the Raw Papi blog and watch other hot gay guys masturbating!

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Military Classified Bobby

Everybody knows the military  is though, and you have restrictions to pretty much everything, but that didn’t keep these hot looking soldiers to provide to us the latest military classified Bobby. It was a late lazy Saturday after noon and they were all just sitting around, doing nothing, when one of them was spotted rubbing his huge cock. The guys jumped at the opportunity  to  give him a hand, and before you knew they were all rubbing one another, touching their huge dicks, all getting hard and horny, just the way  we like it here at Well let’s get this sexy show started without delay shall we?

One thing led to another and before they knew it they were fucking and screwing one another in all possible positions and halls, cum all over the place, and deep nasty tight ass fuck all over the room. Kristen Bjorn out at military classified videos and be amazed what these guys can do to one another and be sorry you are not one of them to feel one large dick going deep into your ass. Well anyway, this superb scene is quite a hot one, so make sure that you don’t miss any of these sexy and superb images with the guys blowing cock and fucking one another in the ass just for you. See you soon!

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Check out Jagger and his friend getting all hard and horny for military classified porn. They got together on a late Friday and before they knew it they were deep ass fucking one another, long cock sucking until they could feel warm sticky jizz all over their faces. We can only say that these superb studs sure had tons of fun today with getting to suck and fuck one another all over this private hotel room. What we had here go down, was a superb and sexy foursome with four wild and sexy marine studs. You get to enjoy seeing how these guys relax when they are off duty.

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The scene starts off with them getting to bend over and go down on one another’s nice and hard cocks. So just sit back and watch them suck each other off for this whole scene just for your entertainment everyone. The four studs then switch to pairs, as two of the guys get to be on the receiving end and climb on top of the other’s cocks. Enjoy seeing those two man sluts bouncing up and down on some hard cock today, and sit back to enjoy seeing them covered in jizz by the end of it all. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you next time with more! Also you can click here and watch other horny gay twinks fucking each other’s ass!

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MilitaryClassified RIVERS – MARINES

Rivers wants to act all though and nasty, but once he gets the site of one hard dick, he is like a puppy and would do just about anything to feel that large hard sausage go as deep as possible into him, ripping his tight ass apart. Check  him out at  militaryclassified as he drawls all over the place. Private Rivers here is quite the man slut as well when it gets down to it, and you can bet that this stud just adores having a nice and big cock shoved in his ass as well. Well for today this guy is just getting some oral from another horny stud but that still makes for some nice quality entertainment.

Sit back and like we said, watch him act all tough in the beginning. As soon as our cock sucking expert stud comes in and takes off his pants, this guy becomes as docile as a puppy. And even more so as the guy takes his big cock in his mouth. Watch that nice and big cock of his getting sucked nice and deep by a pair of expert lips today and see him enjoying every minute of the show. Of course the dude providing the oral did such a good job that he had our soldier here blow his load sooner rather than later. So enjoy these hot men having sex and see you guys next time like usual with more superb and sexy scenes.

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Brent military classified

Brent gets along really well with his room mate and it didn’t take him long to approach him for a brand new Brent military classified videos. We got them both naked and we saw their hot worked-out bodies we knew this will be fun. And so it was. These guys were really hungry for some cock, and so they licked and sucked one another like it was last day on earth. And once they were all hard and more than horny, they took turns ass fucking one another, cramming their huge hard cocks as deep as possible in each other. This definitely made them get along so much better. Check them out at militaryclassified and let’s see these studs in some gay sex action.

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Brent here is one horny and hot stud, and he’s here to show off his superb stud body to you guys. Brent is a very lively fellow and he always enjoys good fun. Today you get to see just how much as he will be playing around with his hard cock just for your enjoyment. Sit back and see this guy as he gets naked, and watch him getting into a nice little competition with his buddy as they jerk off. They want to see which one of them gets to blow his load first and the cameras capture each and every single moment of this hot scene. Have fun with it everyone and see you next week with some more! Until then, enter the site and see other hot gay men getting their big dicks jerked off!

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