Military Classified Lorenzo

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Military Classified – Darren

This is Darren’s first time at military classified and we started filming in the theater room but we had to talk about girls and pussy for him to get hard, this always works with a marine guy. After he got hard i sucked his cock and then i asked him to touch my dick. His gentle touch made me get hard and i was ready to take it up my ass and sit on his hard cock!


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Phoenix doing a solo

Phoenix is a civilian straight guy and we were surprised when he accepted to shoot a video for us but we was not complaining at all because we couldn’t wait to see him in action. We brought him coke and some of his favorite buzz to make him feel more comfortable and we talked about fucking hot girls then he told us that he got really hard. Enjoy watching his jerking that big cock!


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Military Classified – JJ having gay sex

Our next military classified recruit is a very fun guy, you wouldn’t say that he is in the army because he has lots of tattoos and he is smoking and drinking and likes to have fun. In this scene he is going to do something he never done before, to stick his hard cock in a guy’s ass!


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Horny marine guys

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Military Classified – Collin

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Judd gets a hand job

Our next military classified recruit is from the marines and recently his girlfriend has dumped him. Maybe this is one of the reason he wanted to feel a guy’s touch and he enjoyed having his cock worked by another guy! Watch as the guy works his hands on Judd’s cock and jerking him off until he shoots a massive load of cum!


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Military Classified – Simon

Simon is a civilian but he’s been in the army which makes him a military classified recruit. He told us that he is bisexual but he never tried doing anything with a gut, even though he loves watching naked guys and fantasizing about what would he do with them. Here is his chance to try anal sex, and after he gets his cock sucked by this guy its time for him to shove his cock deep inside that tight asshole!

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Bukkake marines

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Military Classified – Dane

Meet our next military classified recruit, Dane, who is ex marine and now he is figuring out what to do next. For few bucks he is willing to fuck another guy that’s what he is doing now. We had to talk with him about girls to get his cock hard and ready for a hairy asshole but once he shoved hick cock deep inside that ass he pumped it hard and blasted stream after stream of creamy man juice!


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