Military Guy Henry

Military Classified sent us another horny soldier and his name is Henry. Well, Henry like most of the guys around here is into dudes and likes getting his dick wanked off and sucked off. The guys don’t have a lot of options, leaving from months from home, surrounded only by guys. This type of life can be hard to take especially if you are new to it. Around here you are going to find young guy and old guy sucking and fucking one another, so there’s a lot to check out. If you like seeing older guys fucking younger guys you better visit to see their sex scenes. We didn’t forgot about Henry, we still have a lot to tell you guys about him and his little adventure.

Since the first day he put a step into the military facility all the guys were checking him out and before you know the guys started hitting at him. Henry wasn’t into guy before joining the army but now all he fucks are guys, it doesn’t matter the age or how they look, an ass is still an ass. In this update he was the one getting his dick wanked off by one of his friends, he has a lot of friends, right before he got to fuck his ass. You can see Henry’s military experience in the gallery below. It’s all about ass fucking around here so take a look around because there are a lot of scenes you might like!

military guy HENRY

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Military Classified – Adamson

Another fresh week and time for another new military classified cum scene to be brought to you. You know that we have the best of the best gay military studs partying hard here in our scenes and there’s always a new pair or guy to see getting nasty with each other or solo in some pretty kinky shows. This week is no different as we bring you the new horny guy Adamson as he gets to get his dick wet while he fucked another hot hunk. You just need to see him enjoy himself as he lets his hard meat plow that ass balls deep in this militaryclassified scene for the afternoon and he even gets to nut inside of that tight butt too for this one!


Well nutting comes later in the show as first order of business for his fuck buddy is to suck and slurp on his dick to make sure that it’s diamond hard and lubed with spit for his nice ass here. Watch this guy use those lips with expertise, getting the new guy nice and hard first and foremost and even rimming him too. Then he gets to take his spot on top, so watch as he gets fucked balls deep. And like we said, you can see him taking a creampie in the ass before the end as well. Enjoy it and make sure to come back again soon to check out more kinky gay scenes. Until then goodbye and do check out the past updates too for even more content!

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Bryce and Porter

Hey there guys and gals there’s a new military classified cum scene again here once again and you have the privilege to get front row seats to the great show just as usual. And you know what the deal is, more new hunks getting nasty with each other with each and every single second of their fuck caught on camera too. Case in point today, you get to see Bryce and Porter, a pairing that wasn’t here before and turns out they made magic happen with each other in this juicy and kinky militaryclassified scene for the afternoon. Let’s sit back, relax and watch them getting around to put that big leather couch to good use this afternoon as they fuck here today!

Bryce is the one that wants to be on the receiving end and you can bet that Porter was very very happy to let him have all the cock that he wants this afternoon without delay. Watch Bryce getting to then suck that cock with a passion to make sure it’s rock hard and after he’s done with that he gets to take his spot on top sliding it balls deep in his sexy ass too. We can assure you that there’s plenty of content in this scene to check out with the two and there will be even more in next week’s scene. Until then do have fun with it and see the two gay studs fucking each other. We’ll see you soon as always with more new galleries!


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Military Classified – Bryce Returns

Here we are with a new and got military classified cum scene for the afternoon and well, we’ve said it in the title. Bryce gets to return to the scene with more sensual action and we bet you’ll enjoy every second of it as much as he did. He gets to have a private one on one massage with the local therapist and as you can see he gets to get rid of those tense muscles in more areas than just his shoulders today, because at the end of the scene he got one amazing happy end to it too. Let’s just get right to the action in this militaryclassified scene and watch as the hot and horny guy Bryce gets his hard cock massaged by this expert here today shall we?


The scene begins with Bryce making his entry to the scene and getting undressed to take his spot on the table at the indications of the older guy. And straight away the guy starts to make him feel good as he gets to work every inch of stressed muscle on his body. He of course leaves the good bits for last, namely his cock and his cute round ass. And even then the ass gets massaged first as the guy wanted to get to feel his man buns too. Then as he gets to work the cock, he uses both his hands and his mouth to make the horny Bryce blow his load all over. Enjoy it and like usual come see more juicy gay scenes soon everyone. We’ll be waiting for you!

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Jayden and Jossias

Hello and welcome to a new military classified cum scene with another pair of guys fucking hard and passionately on camera for you to check out. The two new studs are named Jayden and Jossias and they got to have quite the nasty fun as you will see. The clue is in the title, but let’s just see everything that the two guys ended up doing here shall we? The pair likes to goof off on breaks and take time to play together in a very very kinky way and you are about to see it all go down. Let’s just get around to see the militaryclassified scene unfold and you can enjoy the sight of another gay and passionate couple taking their time to drill each other’s sexy asses hard for the show!

Naturally the start of the scene couldn’t be complete without the two guys getting around to do some oral as well and enjoying the taste of each other’s nice and thick cocks. The guy with the grey shirt was the one that wanted to take it in the ass though and you can see him quickly getting his ass positioned to take his ride on his buddy’s cock as the latter laughs at just how horny the guy is. Well you get to enjoy this scene fully here today with the two fucking, so have your fun and do come back again soon for some more new updates. You know that we’ve always got the best of the best gay porn around so we’ll be waiting for you!


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Military Classified – Jason

Another fresh week and time to check out what you love seeing the most, namely a military classified scene that is here to entice you. So far you’ve seen guys fucking each other hard and even some more like this one with studs pleasing themselves, but this guy here named Jason is going to show off quite the amazing solo scene this afternoon to you. Get ready to get to watch him in action today as he has this scene filled with solo action as he gets to please his cock for the whole afternoon. So let’s just get those nice militaryclassified cameras rolling here without delay and let’s get to see this horny guy get right to work as he masturbates furiously for you and the cameras!


The military classifieds scene with mr Jason here is all ready to be exposed to you all and you can see the guy having tons and tons of fun stripping and showing off his naked body to the cameras and you. Sit back and watch him stroking his cock right as soon as he’s buck naked and he gets to take his time to play on the couch. If you want to see some more new techniques from him for stroking your meat that you came to the right place. But yeah, he gets to play as much as he wants in this scene and no one is going to disturb him. Check him out at play today and do make sure that you check out the past scenes too for even more action!

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Man Surfer

Welcome back as always. This week we have a truly incredible and hot military classified scene to show you with two hot and horny hunks getting to have some sweet fun with each other in their time off. Just like all the other scenes around this place it’s just gorgeous to check out the studs in action and their gallery has plenty of juicy and hot fuck sessions to check out without delay today. This show in particular is really hot and juicy and you should make sure that you check each and every single one of the images in the militaryclassified show today. Anyway, let’s cut the chit chat and get to watch another pair fucking hard style for your enjoyment here shall we?

The military classified cameras begin to roll and our pair can be seen kissing and caressing one another passionately with the intend to take things further of course. Well as you can see before you know it, the two are all naked and getting ready to fuck but there’s some cocks that need to be sucked too. So the oral getting them nice and hard they were all ready to get to play nasty with each other and have some fun without delay. Take your time to get to check out the action with them making the bed creak this afternoon as they fucked hard style all over it too. We bet that you’ll enjoy it and all you need to do is come back again soon for even more juicy content just like this!


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Military Classified – Justice Anal

In today’s new military classified scene you get to see a hidden camera catching a very passionate and steamy sex session with two recruits that had the barracks all to themselves. The two were done with the chores for today and they got told to go have a breather. But they had planned this because before anyone else can come back, they get to have some pretty sensual fun times plowing each other nice and hard. so sit back, relax and let’s get the show rolling here at and you can see anotehr gay fuck scene with two very passionate guys getting wild and nasty with one another just for your viewing pleasure today!


Pretty much right from the start they enter the barracks and you can see clothes flying all over the place off of them too. They know fully well what they’re doing and they don’t intend to stop until those balls are drained today. So see the thing start with a nice and passionate oral session to get each other nice and hard and then see them getting to the real steamy action. You can see the studs taking turns to ride each other cowboy style and it’s a treat to see them bounce up and down those cocks and moan as the dicks go nice and deep in each other’s asses. We hope that you’ll have fun checking them out fucking each other senseless today and you can be sure that there will be more to check out really soon around here as well.

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Porter and Boss

Hey there again everyone and welcome back to another military classified update. Do you guys remember the military hunk that you got to see last week sucking some cock? Well he’s back in this new gallery as you can see and he has another two studs to play with named Porter and Boss. And Porter you also got to see in a previous scene. Anyway, watch them getting to rent a hotel room for this afternoon and you get to see the last week’s guy getting to be on the receiving end of a nice double fuck in this scene here. So take your time to see this amazingly hot and steamy gay fuck fest with the three of them for the afternoon!

The guys make quick work of each other’s clothes pretty much right from the start of the scene and go right for some nice and kinky fun without delay. Watch the man slut sucking Porter off and the other guy in a superb double blowjob session to make sure they are rock hard and ready for his ass. And you can see him tag teamed on both ends after that, basically taking one dick balls deep in the ass while he keeps on sucking the other guy off with a passion. We are sure that you will enjoy the sight of this sexy show here and be sure that there will be much more to check out in future scenes too. Well, enjoy and see you next week everyone. Don’t forget that you can find similar content inside the site, so check it out!


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Military Classified Porn – Palmer

Hey there guys, we’re back with more military classified porn for you this week and it’s just as hot and sexy as usual too. This scene has the stud named Palmer as he gets to have his big cock sucked by another guy and it’s a treat to check out for sure. Just take your time to see the studs getting to relax and have a few brewskis on the couch while they get to have some nasty fun. We bet that you will enjoy each and every single second of this hot and incredible militaryclassified scene here today. So let’s not delay and let’s watch the guy getting that dick sucked with a passion by his buddy here without delay shall we guys and gals?


Of course, Palmer is a military guy and his buddy here is as well and the two found the time to unwind and have some fun with each other in today’s scene as they were in the recreation room. So sit back, relax and watch some juicy scenes going down with them as Palmer undresses and puts that nice and big cock on display along with his muscled body too. The other guy can be seen starting to suck and deep throat that cock with a passion and making Palmer moan in pleasure today. Rest assured that they do more, but we’ll let you discover that yourselves. We’ll be seeing you again real soon with even more new and fresh scenes too. If you’re looking for more, check out the kristen bjorn site and see some horny partners tasting one another’s cock!

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